Verbs + Object + Bare Infinitive

The following verbs are normally used with this pattern: 

Subject + Verbs + Object + Bare Infinitive (Infinitive without "to").

Let, Make, See, Hear, Feel, Watch, Notice, Have

Bare Infinitives in Sentences

 Verbs            Examples

  1. let
  2. make
  3. see
  4. hear 
  5. feel
  6. watch
  7. notice
  8. have

  1. Let me go.
  2. She made him cry.
  3. Don saw his son cross the road.
  4. Can you hear somebody walk outside our room?
  5. I can feel my heart beat loudly whenever I'm with you.
  6. The teachers are watching the students play football.
  7. Nobody noticed someone sneak into the corridor.
  8. The police had her tell the truth.

Verbs Object To Infinitives

The following verbs are normally used with this pattern: 

Subject + Verbs + Object + To Infinitive

  1. advise
  2. allow
  3. ask
  4. beg
  5. cause
  6. command
  7. compel
  8. encourage
  9. expect
  10. forbid
  11. force
  12. get
  13. hate
  14. help
  15. instruct
  16. intend
  17. invite
  18. leave
  19. like
  20. love
  21. mean
  22. need
  23. oblige
  24. order
  25. permit
  26. prefer
  27. recommend
  28. remind
  29. request
  30. teach
  31. tell
  32. tempt
  33. trouble
  34. want
  35. warn
  36. wish
  37. would like
  1. Can you ask him to see me?
  2. My mother always teaches me to speak politely.
  3. I never want you to face this problem.
  4. What would you like me to tell her?
  5. Everyone needs you to play in this match.

Bare Infinitive and To infinitive exercises

Exercise I

Underline the correct word to complete the sentence.

  1. Never let her (go, to go) out alone at night.

  2. Please advise him (leave, to leave) early.

  3. The boy has made his girlfriend (cry, to cry) many times.

  4. Can't you see a cat (cross, to cross) the road?

  5. I'll ask him (call, to call) you.

  6. Can you hear someone (open, to open) our door?

  7. Do you want me (buy, to buy) this house?

  8. Everybody expects him (win, to win) the competition.

  9. Do you feel my love (get, to get) colder?

  10. Don't invite him (eat, to eat) here. He's sick.

  11. We often watch Barcelona (play, to play) against Real Madrid.

  12. Would you like me (help, to help) you?

  13. Did you notice someone (sneak, to sneak) into your house?

  14. The headmaster had her (tell, to tell) what had happened to her.

  15. Please encourage everyone (work, to work) together.


Exercise I

  1. go

  2. to leave

  3. cry

  4. cross

  5. to call

  6. open

  7. to buy

  8. to win

  9. get

  10. to eat

  11. play

  12. to help

  13. sneak

  14. tell

  15. to work

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