Verb + Object + Preposition

Verb + Object + Preposition

Exercise I

Choose the correct preposition provided.
  1. The doctor knows exactly how to cure anyone (on, from, of) that ordinary disease.
  2.  Somebody tried to throw a stone (to, of, at) the new president. 
  3.  How much money did you borrow (to, for, from) the bank.
  4.  They spend a lot of time (in, to, on) playing games. 
  5.  He is regarded (for, from, as) one of the most influential people in 2020.
  6.  We have to protect everyone (for, from, to) being harassed.
  7.  He was accused (for, from, of) corruption.
  8.  We have to thank our government for providing us (for, on, with) order and security.
  9.  You cannot translate every word in one language (for, to, with) another language.
  10.  Don't point the knife (at, on, in) your face.

Exercise II

Complete the following sentences with correct preposition.
  1. Nobody wasn't warned .... the tsunami, therefore, a lot of them died.
  2. Can you translate any texts .... English ... Bahasa Indonesia?
  3. They prefer bread ......rice.
  4. Your father reminds me late father.
  5. Have you ever borrowed some money ... your best friend?
  6. Can we do something ... our economy after this global outbreak?
  7. Never blame others .... something we are not sure of.
  8. Do you know how to explain this word ... a small kid?
  9. The class will be divided .........4 groups.
  10. The man was charged ......... first degree murder.

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