Friday, October 26, 2018

Verb + Object + Preposition

Verb + Object + Preposition

accuse  ... of (doing) something John accused Sue of being selfish 
ask  ... for something I wrote to the company asking them for more information about the job 
blame ...for... Everybody blamed me for the accident. 
borrow ... from ... She had to borrow some money from her friend. 
charge  ... with ( an offence / a crime ) The men have been arrested and charged with robbery.  
congratulate ... on ( doing ) something  I congratulated him on his success. 
cure ( somebody ) of some illness The doctor cured my father of that contagious disease. 
divide / cut /split  something into ( two more parts) The book is divide into three parts. 
do something ABOUT something ( = something to improve a bad situation) : Our economic situation is getting worse and worse. the government has to do something about it. 
explain ( a problem / situation / a word etc.) TO someone Can you explain this word to me ? 
invite  someone TO ( party / a wedding etc.) Have you been invited to any parties recently? 
leave  ( a place) For (another place): I have't seen Jane since she left home for work this morning. 
point / aim something AT someone / something: Don't point that knife at me! It's dangerous. 
prefer .... We prefer rice to bread. 
protect  .... from (or against) .... We have to word hard to protect our women from being abused overseas. 
provide ..... with .... Our parents provide us with everything we need. 
regard .... as ... I will always regard her as one of my best friends. 
remind ... of ... That girl reminds me of my ex-girlfriend. 
sentence ... to ... He was found guilty and sentenced to 3 years' imprisonment. 
spend ... on .... I spend a lot of time on writing. 
throw .... to ....( for someone to catch ) Ben threw the ball to Jack.  
throw ... at .... ( in order to hit him/her ) Somebody threw a sandal at the minister. 
translate from ( one language ) to ( another language ) I have translated a lot of books from English to Indonesian. 
warn ...about / of ... These people hdad not been warned of the tsunami. That's why, a lot of them took just took their time.

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