Singular Plural Nouns

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Singular Plural Nouns

Singular Plural Explanation

When using English, it is necessary to know how to form plural nouns from singular nouns. Plural means more than one, singular means one. There are two kinds of nouns. They are countable nouns and uncountable nouns. Plural nouns can only be made from countable nouns whereas uncountable nouns do not have plural forms. The following explanations are how to form plural nouns.

Plural Nouns Ending In "s
Most of the plural nouns in English come from the singular noun + "s". Let's see the following examples :

 Singular Nouns Plural Nouns
 a laptop
 an ipod
 an island
 a car
 a card
 a house
 a ship
 a girl
 a desk
 an officer

Plural Nouns Ending In "es"

Some of the plural nouns come from the singular + "es".  We put "es" at the end of the word which ends in o, x, ch, z, sh, s. Let's see the following example. 

 Singular Nouns Plural Nouns
 a mango
 a potato
 a box
 a watch
 a buzz
 a brush
 a glass

Singular Nouns Ending In "consonant + y"

The noun ending in "consonant + y", can be made into plural by changing "y" into "i" + es. Let's see the following examples.

 Singular Nouns Plural Nouns

Plural Nouns Ending Both in "s" and "es"

The following plural nouns can be formed by ending "s" or "es" to the singular nouns. Let's see the following examples.

 Singular Nouns Plural Nouns
 mosquitos / mosquitoes
 tornados / tornadoes
 porticos / porticoes
 buffalos / buffaloes

Singular Noun Ending In "f" or "fe"

If the singular nouns end in "f" or "fe", we change the "f" or "fe" into "ves" to make them plural. Let's see the following example.

 Singular Nouns Plural Nouns

Singular Noun Ending in "vowel + o"

Singular nouns ending in "vowel + o" can be made into plural nouns by putting "s" at the of them.
 Singular Nouns  Plural Nouns

Irregular Plural Nouns

The following plural nouns are irregular.
 Singular Nouns Plural Nouns
 a woman
 a man
 a foot
 a tooth
 a child
 a goose
 an ox
 a mouse
 a louse
 a fish
 a person
 a deer
 a sheep
 a moose
 people ( persons = rarely used )

Plural Nouns Without Their Singular

The following plural nouns do not have their singular nouns.
  1. glasses/spectacles
  2. jeans
  3. pyjamas
  4. scissors
  5. shorts
  6. tights
  7. oats
  8. shears
We can also say : a pair of glasses, a pair of jeans, etc.

Noun Ending In "s" Considered To Be Singular

The following nouns end in "s" and look plural but they are singular nouns.
  1. mathematics
  2. physics
  3. economics
  4. athletics
  5. gymnastics
  6. news
Example  : Economics is my favorite subject.

Singular Nouns Used with Plural Verbs

The following singular nouns are often used with plural verbs.
  1. government
  2. staff
  3. team
  4. family
  5. audience
  6. committee
  7. The police
Example :
  • The staff are not satisfied with the new policy of the company.
  •  The government are going to raise the tax.
Plural Nouns Used As An Adjective

Plural nouns that we use as an adjective have to be changed into singular. Let's see the following example.
  1. a three-week vacation
  2. a fourteen-year girl
  3. a seven-hour journey
  4. a two-hundred page book
  5. a two floor house

Singular Plural Noun Exercise I

In this exercise, you have to change the singular nouns into plural.
  1. arm    ...........
  2. bush ..........
  3. boy  ..........
  4. day  ..........
  5. bench ........
  6. sketch .......
  7. story  ........
  8. dish    .......
  9. bean  ........
  10. mosque .....


  1. arm     arms
  2. bush    bushes
  3. boy     boys
  4. day     days
  5. bench  benches
  6. sketch  sketches
  7. story    stories
  8. dish      dishes
  9. bean     beans
  10. mosque mosques

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