English Grammar Exercises: Present Perfect

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Present Perfect

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Present Perfect Short Explanation

Present Perfect To Show Past Action That Influences The Present Condition

Present Perfect is used to talk about an action that began in the past that continues up to the present. Let's see the following examples:
  • have visited Santorini twice.
  • She has written 100 novels all her life.
  • I've had lunch. Now I'm full. I don't need anything to eat.

Present Perfect To Show Life Experience

Present Perfect is also used to say whether or not we ever do certain things in our life (experience) . In this case we usually use ever or never. Let's see the following examples:
  • have never seen a ghost.
  • Have you ever eaten snakes?

Present Perfect After Superlative

Present Perfect is generally used after superlative. Let's see the following examples:
  • She's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.
  • It's the most expensive watch I've ever bought.

Present Perfect Pattern

Present Perfect is formed by have/has + the past participle. The past participle is mostly from Verb I (the infinitive) + d or ed. Let's see the following table:
 Verb I
(the infinitive)
 Verb III
the past participle
 Verb I
(the infinitive)
 Verb III
the past participle

Present Perfect With Irregular Verbs

Some of the past participle we use in the Present Perfect Tense are irregular. They do not end in d or -ed. Let's see the following table.
 Verb I
(the infinitive)
 Verb III
(Past Participle)
 Verb I
(the infinitive)
 Verb III
(Past Participle) 

See more irregular verbs here.

Present Perfect With Just, Already, Yet

We can use the Present Perfect with 'just' (a short time ago). Let's see the following examples:
  • "Hello. Have you just arrived?"
  • "Are you hungry?" "No. I've just had hamburger."
We use 'already'  in the Present Perfect to say that something has happened sooner than expected. Let's see the following examples:
  • "Can you close the door for me, Dear?" "I've already closed it.
  • "Why don't see a doctor?" "I've already seen a doctor. But, I feel worse."
We use 'yet' in the Present Perfect questions and negative sentences to say that we expect something to happen. Let's see the following examples:
  • "Have they stopped fighting yet?"
  • I haven't told them about the accident yet.

Typical Mistakes In Present Perfect 

Many people have made mistakes in using 'been' and 'gone' in the Present Perfect. They have mixed them up. Let's see the difference now.
  • Our neighbors are on vacation now. They have gone to Caribbean Countries. ( They are not here. They may be on the way or they may be there.)
  • Bob is back in Miami now. He has been to Italy. ( He was in Italy but now he has come back.)

Present Perfect Exercises I

In this exercise you have to put the right verb in each sentence. Make sure you change the verb into the correct Present Perfect form.

1. I ...just (have) lunch. I'm full now.
2. ...you (see) Brian anywhere?
3. Bob (give up) smoking. Now he looks more healthy.
4. They ...just (get) married. They're always together.
5. "Why is your finger bleeding?" "I ...just (cut) my finger."

Present Perfect Exercises II

In this exercises you have to write sentences with  already. Let's see the following example first!
  • Don't forget to close the window. .........................  I've already closed it.
1. Why don't you have breakfast first! ...........................
2. Can you tell her about the accident? .........................
3. Don't forget to email her! ........................................
4. Would you like something to drink? ...........................
5. Shall I pay the waiter? No, I ...................................

Present Perfect Exercises III

In this exercises you have to put  been or gone in the right sentence.

1. Ben isn't here at the moment.  He's .... to the shop.
2. Knock Knock! I've just ...to the market. Look! I've bought lots of fruits for you dear.
3. Are you going to Oslo for your next vacation? No, I've ... there three times.
4. Have you ever ... to Bali?
5. Is your boyfriend here ? No, he's ... somewhere.



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