English Grammar Exercises: Present Continuous

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Present Continuous

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Present Continuous Short Explanation

Present Continuous is used when we talk about something which is happening at the time of speaking. Look at the following sample of Present Continuous in use!
  • "Where is Sue?" "She's having lunch" ( We do not say "She has lunch."
  • "Please don't make too much noise. The baby is sleeping." ( We do not say "The baby sleeps.")
Present Continuous is also used to talk about changing situations. Let's see the following examples!
  • The price of gasoline is rising very fast.
  • The earth is really getting hotter and hotter.

Present Continuous Exercises

In this exercise we are going to practice changing the verb into the correct form. Let's see the examples first!
  • Please don't make too much noise. They (pray). Please don't make too much noise.They are praying.
  • Don't go out. It still (rain).                               Don't go out. It's still raining now.
1. Listen! The people next door (fight).
2. Why (you/wear) your jacket? It's not cold here.
3. Look. It (rain).
4. Excuse me. I (look) for an Internet Hot Spot, please?
5. Linda (get) more and more beautiful each day.
6. The number of poor people (rise) at the moment.
7. Food (get) more and more expensive these days.
8. What you (do) alone here?
9. Please be careful. The dog (approach) you.
10. The boy is already tall and he (get) taller and taller.



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