Preposition + Gerund ( -ing)

Preposition + Gerund ( -ing)

If a verb comes after a preposition such as in, at, with, about, of, on, etc. the verb  must end in-ing. Let's see the following examples :
  1. I'm interested in working for you.
  2. She's very good at singing slow songs.
  3. He's fed up with listening to his complaints.
  4. Indonesian people are excited about going on Idul Fitri holiday.
  5. They take advantage of having a motorcycle to solve traffic jam problem.
  6. These shoes are good for dancing.
  7. Instead of going abroad, they went to see their parents in the country.
  8. Before eating, we always say a prayer.
  9. After leaving school, I worked as a government employee.
  10. He banged the door without saying anything.
  11. We can be more and more clever by listening to others.

Verb + Preposition + Gerund

There are a lot of verbs with preposition can be followed by gerund. Here are the verbs and their prepositions.
  1. succeed in
  2. dream of
  3. think of
  4. think about
  5. approve of
  6. disapprove of
  7. look forward to
  8. insist on
  9. decide against
  10. apologise for

Let's see the following examples :
  1. Have you succeeded in finding a good job?
  2. I always dream of being rich.

Verb + Object + Preposition + Gerund

The following verbs have the structure : verb + object + preposition + -ing.
  1. accuse .......of
  2. suspect .........of
  3. congratulate...... on
  4. prevent .........from
  5. stop .......... from
  6. thank ............. for
  7. forgive.......... for
  8. warn ......... against
Let's see the following examples :
  1. They accused me of stealing the book.
  2. The police suspected the man of being a spy.
  3. The headmaster congratulated him on getting the highest score on exam.
  4. Please prevent the baby from eating the soil.
  5. The guard stopped everyone from entering the building.
  6. Thank you for loving me.
  7. Please forgive me for not telling you the truth.
  8. They warned all the citizens against buying the pills.


In this exercise you have to write the correct preposition and choose the verb provided.

 stay    find    have   break   live   study 

  1. I'm fed up ......  foreign languages.
  2. The man was suspected ............... into a house.
  3. My brother eventually succeeded ..... a good job.
  4. My wife and I always dream ........... in bora-bora.
  5. I'm getting hungry. I'm looking forward ............ dinner.

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