English Grammar Exercises: Past Simple

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Past Simple

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Past Simple Short Explanation

The Use of Past Simple

Past Simple is used to talk about actions or situations in the past. The verb we use in the Past Simple is the Verb II. Let's see the following examples :
  • went to Copenhagen last year. ( We do not say go to Copenhagen last year.)
  • She died five years ago. ( We do not say She dies five years ago.)

Regular Verbs

Most of the verbs we use in the Past Simple, the Verb II, derives from the verb I + d or ed. Let's see the following table.
 Verb I
(the infinitive)
 Verb II Verb I
(the infinitive)
 Verb II

Irregular Verbs

Some of the verbs we use in the Past Simple are irregular. They do not end in d or -ed. Let's see the following table.
 Verb I
(the infinitive)
 Verb II Verb I
(the infinitive)
 Verb II

Negative Sentences & Questions

Past Simple questions and negative sentences use did and didn't + the infinitive. Let's see the following examples:
  • He didn't go to work yesterday.
  • Did you call him last night?
  • What did you do last summer?
  • Where did you buy this novel?

To Be in Present And Past Simple

Pay attention to the verb 'be' in the Past Simple. Let's compare the use of 'be' in the Present Simple and the Past Simple.
  • My wife is at work.  She was not at work yesterday.
  • am here, Babe. You were not here last night.

Past Simple Exercises

In this exercise you have to put the right verb in each sentence. Make sure you change the verb into the correct Past Simple form.

buy catch do get be go leave meet see sell teach tear tell

1. My father .... me to speak English when I was a baby.
2. I needed some money so I ... my car.
3. She ... me she was single. Now I know she is married.
4. I didn't ... last weekend because I had a headache.
5. The cat ... the mouse last night.
6. Those kids ... the plane fall down. It hit the bridge by their houses.
7. She ... me alone when my love to her began to grow.
8. Yesterday I ... her in the elevator of a mall. 
9. So, I  .... her to dinner asked her if she still loved me.
10. I ... so happy to hear that she still loved me.



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