English Grammar Exercises: Past Continuous

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Past Continuous

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Past Continuous Short Explanation

Past Continuous is used to say the action is still going on at certain time in the past. Let's see the following example:
  • At 10 o'clock last night I was still playing badminton.
  • They were dancing all night long.
Past Continuous is frequently used together with Past Simple to say something happened in the middle of something else. Let's see the following examples:
  • Christian burnt his hand when he was cooking dinner.
  • It was raining when she left.
Some verbs are not normally used in Past Continuous. Let's see the following table.


Past Continuous Exercises

In this exercise we are going to practice changing the verb into the Past Continuous or Past Simple form. Let's see the examples first!

  • When Kim (arrive), we (have) dinner.  When Kim arrived, we were having dinner.
  • While my father (work), he (hurt) his back. While my father was working, he hurt his back.
1. What ...your wife (do) at this time yesterday?
2. I (see) Sue at the party. She (wear) a black gown.
3. When I (read) a book, she (come).
4. What ...you (do) when I (call) you?
5. John (fall) off the ladder while he (paint) the door.
6. My wife (wait) for me when I (arrive).
7. When I (have) a shower, the phone (ring)
8. It (begin) to rain when I (walk) home.
9. Grace (see) the accident when she (wait) for the bus.
10.Anthony (have) breakfast when she (come).



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