During - While

During - While
During and while are different. They are not interchangeable. Let's see the difference.


We use during to say when something happens. During is followed by noun. Example : during our holiday, during the meeting, during the war, etc.  Let's see the following examples.
  1. I fell asleep during the play.
  2. I met a beautiful girl during our holiday.
  3. A lot of soldier died during the war.


We use while to say when something happens. While is followed by a clause ( Subject + Predicate ). Let's see the following examples.
  1. I fell asleep while the play was going on.
  2. I met a beautiful girl while we were on holiday.
  3. The students looked bored while they were studying English.

During And While Exercise

In this exercise you have to complete the sentences with during or while.

  1. The phone rang .... we were having dinner last night.
  2. The baby fell asleep ....the meal.
  3. George read a lot of books .......he was ill.
  4. The naughty boys were making noise .... the teacher was speaking.
  5. .... we were in Paris, we stayed in a very comfortable hotel.
  6. Someone rang the bell .... we were sleeping.
  7. My father was painting the house ... his day-off.
  8. Please don't be noisy ... the baby is sleeping.
  9. His leg suddenly began to pain... the football match.
  10. I saw the accident ... I was waiting for the bus.

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