English Grammar Exercises: Conditional Sentences Type 1

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Conditional Sentences Type 1

Conditional Sentences Type 1


Conditional sentences type 1 have the following pattern :
 Sub Clause
( If Clause /Conditional Clause)
 Main Clause
 If + Present Simple Tense
If + Subject + Verb I (s/es)
 Future Simple
 Subject + will + Verb I

Expressing A Real Present Possibility

Conditional Sentences type 1 is used to express a real possibility if the condition is fulfilled.
Let's see the following examples :
  1. If you drink this, you will get drunk.
  2. If the little boy eats this chilly sauce, he will get stomach-ache.
  3. If you don't accept it, she will be sad.
  4. Her mother will get upset if you cheat your girlfriend.

Conditional Sentences Type I Exercises

In this exercise you have to choose the correct word in the bracket!

  1. If you ( enter, enters, will enter ) the room, you ( see, sees, will see ) your beloved mother.
  2. I ( will hug, hug, hugs ) my mother if I ( see, sees, will see ) her this evening.
  3. My father ( will buy, buy, buys ) me a laptop if I ( get, gets, will get ) the highest score in the final exam.
  4. If he ( study, studies, will study ) hard, he ( get, gets, will get ) the highest score
  5. John ( start, starts, will start ) learning to make websites if his father ( give, gives, will give ) him a laptop.


  • If you  enter the room, you will see your beloved mother.
  • will hug my mother if I see her this evening.
  • My father will buy me a laptop if I get the highest score in the final exam.
  • If he studies hard, he will get  the highest score.
  • John  will start  learning to make websites if his father  gives  him a laptop.
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