English Grammar Exercises: Conditional Sentences Type III

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Conditional Sentences Type III

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Conditional Sentences Type III


Conditional sentences type III have the following pattern : 
Sub Clause
( If Clause /Conditional Clause)
 Main Clause
 If + Past Perfect Tense
If + Subject + had + Verb III 

 Subject + would + have + Verb III

Expressing Imagined Past Situation

Conditional Sentences type III is used to express imagined situation in the past. It is unlikely to happen. Nobody can change the past, can they?
Let's see the following examples :
  1. If He had played well last night, We would have won the football match. 
  2. If you had come to the party last night, you would have seen Sue.
  3. If I hadn't gone to Oslo a few years ago, I would not have met my wife.
  4. If I had known that you were ill, I would have gone to see you.
  5. He wouldn't have had an accident if he hadn't driven his car carelessly.

Conditional Sentences Type III Exercise

In this exercise you have to choose the correct verb form in the bracket!
  1. The accident wouldn't have happened if the driver ( didn't  stop, hadn't stopped, stopped) suddenly.
  2.  If she had had enough money, she ( would buy, would have bought, bought ) the diamond ring.
  3. If she hadn't cheated in the match, she ( would not be disqualified, would not have been disqualified, was disqualified ).
  4. If all of the passengers had put on a  life-jacket, a lot of them ( wouldn't  die, wouldn't have died, didn't die) when the boat was capsized last week. 
  5. He ( wouldn't be, wouldn't have been, was not) ill if he hadn't gone out in the rain.



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