By And Until

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By And Until

By Followed By A Time

By means 'not later than'.  Let's see the following examples.
  1. I sent the parcel on Wednesday morning. You should receive it by Friday. ( on or before Friday )
  2. Where's the teacher? He should be here by now. (now or before now)

Until ( Till ) Followed By A Time

Until is used to say how long a situation continues. Let's see the following examples.
  1. I'm not leaving until you give me the money. ( I will continue staying and I will stop when you give me the money.)
  2. This week I will have a mid semester test, so I study until ten or eleven o'clock every night.


In this exercise you have to complete the sentences with by or until.
  1. I've been asked to marry him. I have to answer him ... next Friday.
  2. I'll wait for you ... 8 o'clock tomorrow morning.
  3. If we leave on Monday, we should be in Gothenburg ... Tuesday.
  4. I hope to finish this project .... the end of this year.
  5. We have to be at the airport ... 7 o'clock.

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