Verbs Followed By Gerund

A gerund is a noun made by adding "ing" at the end of the verb. So, a gerund is a noun. But the noun is from a verb. Let's see the following examples :

 Verb  Gerund

The followings are the verbs that must be followed by gerund. Here are the verbs :
 admit  avoid     consider   delay  deny  enjoy  fancy  finish
 involve  imagine  mind  miss  postpone  practice  regret  risk
 stop  suggest            

Let's see the following examples :
  • Stop making noise!
  • Avoid eating too much fat!
  • Have you finished making your bed?
  • The children enjoy swimming in the pool.
  • The man denied stealing the diamond.

Verbs Followed By Gerund Exercise

In this exercise you have to complete the sentences with the correct gerund !
 write     make    smoke    look     read  drive

1.  She doesn't enjoy ...........letters.
2.  Stop ............ too much noise.
3.  He finally admitted ....... his car carelessly.
4.  Have you finished ........... your newspaper?
5.  Avoid .......... cigarettes.  It's not good for your lungs.

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