Verb + Preposition

Verb + Preposition Explanation

Study the list of verbs + preposition at the bottom part of this page.

Verb + Preposition Exercise

Complete the sentences with the correct preposition whenever necessary!
  1. I never listen .......... what he says. He's a liar.
  2. I'm looking .... my lost keys. Have you seen it anywhere?
  3. Thank you for your email. It was nice to hear again.
  4. I had to pay ...... the damage of his car because the accident was my fault.
  5. I dreamt ....... my ex-girlfriend last night. I feel I miss her so much.
  6. This customer is never satisfied with our service. She complains .... everything.
  7. That pen belongs Where did you find it?
  8. A football team consists .......11 players.
  9. "Are you going out tonight?" "It depends ....the weather."
  10. A lot of people have died .... hunger in under developed countries.

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apologize  to ( someone) for ( something) When she realized she was wrong, she apologized to him for her mistake. 
apply  for a job / a place at university etc. I think this job would suit you. Why don't you apply for it? 
believe in (something)  Do you believe in ghost (= I believe that ghost exists?) 
belong to ( someone) Who does this iPad belong to? 
care for someone / something I need a baby sitter to care for my baby. I don't care for hot weather.  
care about someone / something. (= think someone / something is important) Jane is very selfish. She doesn't care about other people. 
collide with ( someone / something ) There was an accident last night. A truck collided with a car.  
complain ( to someone) about ( someone/ something ) They complained to the manager of the restaurant about the waiter. 
concentrate on ( something ) Don't dream. Concentrate on your work ! 
consist of ( something ) The world consists of hundreds of countries. 
crash / drive / bump / run  into ( someone / something ) He lost control of his motorcycle and crashed into a wall. 
depend on ( someone / something )  How much money will you need? I don't know. It depends on the number of clothes you want. 
die of ( an illness ) What did he die of? Lung cancer. 
dream of ( being something / doing something ) (=imagine) I sometimes dream of being a famous actress. 
dream  about ( someone / something ) I often dream about you. 
happen to ( someone / something ) What happened to her father? 
hear about Have you heard about your ex-girlfriend? She's going to get married. 
hear from ( someone ) (=receive a call / letter from someone ) I've never heard from Bill anymore. Maybe he has a new girlfriend. 
hear from ( someone ) (=receive a call / letter ) from someone I've never heard from Bill anymore. I'm sure he has a new girlfriend. 
hear of ( someone / something ) ( know someone/something exists Have you heard of UFO? 
laugh at ( someone / something ) Don't laugh at the boy. He will be nervous. 
listen to ( someone / something ) Listen to the teacher. He's explaining something to us. 
live on We just live on my low salary; 150 dollars for five people a month. 
look  for ( someone / something ) (=try to find someone/something) I'm looking for my lost book. Can you help me? 
look after ( someone/something ) (=take care of ) I don't mind looking after my parents.  
look, have a look, stare, glance at ( someone / something ) Look at my eyes. You'll see how much I love you. 
pay ( someone ) for ( something ) We don't have enough money to pay for the rent. ( but pay a bill / a fare / taxes ) 
rely on ( someone / something ) You can rely on Jill. She never breaks her promises. 
smile at ( someone / something ) She smiled at me. 
take care of (someone / something) (= look after) Have a nice holiday . Take care of yourself ! 
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