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Exercise I

  1. The students needs some new books.
  2. They don’t need any new laptops.
  3. I  haven’t got  any sisters.
  4. She never wants to put  any make-up.
  5. The company needs to recruit  some more employees.

Exercise II

  1. Would you like something to eat?
  2. Do you live anywhere near the river?
  3. There’s someone  knocking at the door.  Please, check who it is.
  4. Can I have some sugar in my tea, please?
  5. Anywhere  you go, the police will find you. So, you’d better surrender.
  6. Would you like some  more milk?
  7. He just left me without saying anything.
  8. Tell anybody  you see to go back, there’s a wild bear around here.
  9. If anybody needs assistance,  they can contact me.
  10. This key can open any of the door in this hotel. It’s a master key.


Exercise III

It doesn't matter when you buy this machine, you will get 20 % discount.
Anytime you buy this machine,  you will get 20 % discount.

It doesn’t matter who you are talking to, they won’t believe you.
Anyone you are talking to, they won’t believe you.

It doesn’t matter what you give her, she won’t be satisified.
Anything you give her,  she won’t be satisfied.