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The Use of Some and Any

Generally  we use some in positive  sentences and any in  negative sentences  :

Ann has bought some new shoes.

I’ve got something in my eye .

They  haven’t got any children.

He’s lazy . He never does any work.


Any in Positive Sentences

We use any in the positive sentences whose meaning is negative:

Brian  left  home  without any money . (He didn’t have any money .)

She refused   to say anything. (She didn’t say anything.)

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Any After  If In Positive Sentences

The  Useof  any / anyone / anything etc . after if:

If anyone comes,  tell  them  to wait for me here. I’m coming back soon.

If one has any questions,  l’ll be pleased to answer them .

If you need anything,  just ask .

Buy some mangoes if you see any.


Any In Positive Sentences That Have The Idea Of If

The following sentences are without if, but they have the idea of if :

Anyone  who wants  to take part in this competition must give me their names before  Friday . (= if there is anyone  who ...)

I’ll send on any letters that arrive for you. (= if there are any)

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Any In Questions

In questions  we  normally use any (not ‘some ‘). Let’s see the following examples :

Is there any food in our fridge?

Are there any students in the library?


Some in Questions

We often use some in questions  when  we expect  the answer ‘ yes ‘. Let’s see the following examples.

What’s wrong with your hair ? Have you got something in it? ( = I think you have got something in your hair and I expect you say ‘ yes ‘)

We use some in questions especially  when  we offer or ask for things . Let’s see the following examples.

Would you like some tea?

Can  I have some of those apples?

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Special Meaning Of Any

Any also has another meaning.  Let’s see the following table.

Any ......









It doesn’t matter which ...

It doesn’t matter who ...

It doesn’t matter who...

It doesn’t matter which...

It doesn’t matter where...

It doesn’t matter how...

Positive, negative, questions

Positive, negative, questions

Positive, negative, questions

Positive, negative, questions

Positive, negative, questions

Positive, negative, questions



You can have any of the cars.  They all belong to our father.  (=  It doesn’t  matter which of these cars.)

Come and see me anytime   you want. (= whenever )

Just give her  anything she  wants.  She’ll change her mind.

She’s so beautiful and kind to everyone.  Anybody can  fall in love with her. (=whoever)

Anywhere   I go,  you’ll  stay in my heart.

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Some.... Any .... Are Singular Words

Someone, somebody, anyone, anybody are singular words. Let’s see the following example.

Someone wants to see you.

Is anybody home?

Pronoun For Anybody, Anyone, Somebody, Someone

We usually use pronoun they,  them, or their  to refer to anybody, anyone, somebody and someone.  Let’s see the following examples.

If anyone wants to  go with him,  they can.

Somebody has dropped  their wallet  on the street.

Someone has sent you these flowers, haven’t they?

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Some Any Exercises I

In this exercise you have to complete the sentences with some  or any.

  1. The students needs books.
  2. They don’t need laptops.
  3. I  haven’t got .......sisters.
  4. She never wants to put ... make-up.
  5. The company needs to recruit ... more employees.

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Some Any Exercises II

In this exercise  you have to complete the sentences with  some, any, someone, anyone, something, anything, somewhere, anywhere.

  1. Would you like eat?
  2. Do you live .........near the river?
  3. There’s ......knocking at the door.  Please, check who it is.
  4. Can I have .... sugar in my tea, please?
  5. .... you go, the police will find you. So, you’d better surrender.
  6. Would you like .........more milk?
  7. He just left me without saying .......
  8. Tell ..... you see to go back, there’s a wild bear around here.
  9. If ........needs assistance,  they can contact me.
  10. This key can open ... of the door in this hotel.

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Some Any Exercise III 

Use any, anyone, anything, anywhere to complete the sentences below.

Example : It doesn’t matter what Samson  eats, he  will be strong.  ......................., he will be strong.

 You write : Anything Samson eats, he will be strong.

1. It doesn’t matter  when you buy this machine,  you  will  get 20 % discount.

    .............................................,  you will get 20 % discount.

2.  It doesn’t matter who you are talking to, they won’t believe you.

     ..............................., they won’t believe you.

3. It doesn’t matter what you give her, she won’t be satisified.

    ...................................,  she won’t be satisfied.

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