So And Such

So And Such Explanation

We use so with an adjective without a noun. For example: so high, so beautiful, so clever etc. We use such with an adjective with a noun. For example : such a high mountain, such a beautiful girl, such a clever boy, etc. Let's see them in sentences :
  1. I like Jack and Sue. They are so nice.
  2. I like Jack and Sue. They are such nice people.

The Meaning Of So And Such

So and such are used to make the meaning of the adjective stronger. They mean really. 
  • So nice means really nice.
  • Such nice people means really nice people.

So ...That And Such ...That

We often use so ... that and such...that to combine two sentences. The first part is a cause. The second part is a result. Let's see the following tables.
 Two Separated Sentences  The Combined Sentences
( with so...that and such...that )
  1. I was really tired.
  2. I went to bed early.
  • I was so tired that I went to bed early.
  1. She  worked really smart.
  2. She reached her financial freedom early.
  • She worked so smart that she reached her financial freedom early.
  1. The governor is a really nice person.
  2. Every body loves him.
  • The governor is such a nice person that everybody loves him.
  1. It is a really good book.
  2. Many people want to read it.
  •  It is such a good book that many people want to read it.

Exercise I

In this exercise you have to complete the sentences with so or such !
  1. It is ... a sunny day that a lot of people spent the whole day in the park.
  2. She is ... beautiful that her boss can't wait to take her out.
  3. Everything is ... expensive these days, isn't it?
  4. The room was ...dirty that nobody wants to enter it.
  5. Lady Gaga is... a popular singer that everybody knows her.

Exercise II

In this exercise you have to combine the sentences given with so...that or such...that !
  1. The weather was really warm. I didn't need a jacket.
  2. Denny is a really wicked boy. Nobody wants to play with him.
  3. The boy is really fat. He can't get through the bus door.
  4. The water is really dirty. We don't want to drink it.
  5. Victoria is a really clean city. Everybody wants to live in it.

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