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Present Perfect Exercise Key

Present Perfect Exercise Key I

1. I have just had lunch. I'm full now.

2. Have you seen Brian anywhere?

3. Bob has given up smoking. Now he looks more healthy.

4. They have just got married. They're always together.

5. "Why is your finger bleeding?" "I have just cut my finger."

Present Perfect Exercise Key II

1. Why don't you have breakfast first!
    I've already had breakfast.

2. Can you tell her about the accident?
    I've already told her about the accident.

3. Don't forget to email her!
   I've already emailed her.

4. Would you like something to drink?
    I've already had tea.

5. Shall I pay the waiter?
    No, I've already paid the waiter.

Present Perfect Exercise Key III

1. Ben isn't here at the moment.  He's gone to the shop.

2. Knock Knock! I've just been to the market. Look! I've bought lots of fruits for you dear.

3. Are you going to Oslo for your next vacation? No, I've been there three times.

4. Have you ever been to Bali?

5. Is your boyfriend here ? No, he's gone somewhere.