Present Perfect vs Past Simple

Present Perfect vs Past Simple Explanation

The Present Perfect is used to talk about an action that began in the past that continues up to the present, to say whether or not we ever do certain things in our life. Also, the Present Perfect is usually used with 'already', 'yet', 'ever', 'never'. The Present Perfect is not used if we want to express the exact time of the actions in the past. Let's see  the following examples:
  • I have read the book.
  • Have you ever seen a ghost?
  • I have never eaten snakes.
Totally different from the Present Perfect, the Past Simple is used to talk about actions or situations in the past. The Past Simple is often used with the exact time in the past. It does not continue up to the present. Let's see the following examples:
  • Last night I went to the nightclub. 
  • European reached Indonesia in the fifteenth century.
  • The bus left an hour ago.

Present Perfect vs Past Simple Exercises 

In this exercise you have to put verb into Present Perfect or Past Simple! Let's see the example first!
  • She  (wash) her hair. It looks so clean now.        She  has washed her hair. It looks so clean now.
1. I not (wash) my car for a month. It looks so dirty.
2. His hair is very short. He (have) a haircut.
3. My father (buy) a new notebook last week.
4. My girlfriend isn't here anymore. She (go) with another man.
5. Last night I (go) to bed late. I feel sleepy now.
6. When ...Portuguese (reach) Asia?
7. I am so hungry. I not (eat) anything yet.
8. My wife (work) in the bank for ten years now.
9. ever (be) to Rome ?
10.I don't know my boyfriend's father. I ...never (meet) him.