Present Continuous vs Present Simple

Present Continuous VS Present Simple Explanation

Present Continuous is used to talk about something which is happening at or around the time of speaking. Let's see the following examples :
  • The kettle isn't working. It broke down yesterday.
  • Look at the birds. They are flying to the south.
Present Simple is used to talk about habitual actions or general truths. Let's see the following examples :
  • Fish  live in water.
  • Carol checks her email every week.
Some verbs can only be used in Present Simple. Let's see the following examples :
  • I don't know. Don't say  I am not knowing.
  • I like Bergen. Don't say I am liking Bergen.
Here are the verbs which are normally used in the Present Simple only.


Notes :

Have is used only in the Present Simple when it means possess. Think is only used in the Present Simple when it means believe.

Present Continuous VS Present Simple Exercises

In this exercise you have to decide whether the verb in the bracket has to be in the Present Continuous or the Present Simple. Let's see the following examples :
  • Jack (go) to Europe every summer.                    Jack goes to Europe every summer.
  • The baby (sleep). Can you be quiet, please?         The baby is sleeping. Can you be quiet, please?

1. Look! The boy (cross) the river alone.
2. Listen to those girls. What ...they (talk) about?
3. Look! the mango (fall).
4. I always (go) to bed after midnight.
5. I (believe) in God.
6. Can you change the bulb? It (blink).
7. Run ! The dog (run) after you.
8. Throw the life ring to the man. He (drown).
9. The River Nile (flow) into Mediterranean.
10.The car (belong) to me.

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