Noun + Preposition

Noun + Preposition Explanation 

You can just study the list of noun followed by its preposition below. Memorize it, and most importantly just use it in your daily conversations.

Noun + Preposition Exercise

Complete the second sentence based on the first sentence ! They will have the same meaning. Example : They are trying to solve the problem. They are trying to find a solution to the problem.
  1. No-one wants to buy this kind of bag anymore.                             There is no demand ....................................
  2. I don't know how to answer your question. I am not able to find the ......................
  3. Prices have increased a lot.  There has been a big increase .................
  4. George gets along well with his fans. George has a good relationship ......
  5. The accident caused the car a slight damage.  The damage ............was only slight.

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a cause of ( something ) Nobody knows what the cause of the explosion was.  
a cheque for ( a sum of money ) John sent me a cheque for Rp 5,000,000 
a connection with ( someone / something ) The police told the reporter that the three men had connection with the recent bomb explosions in Solo. 
a connection  between The police said that there was no connection between the two bomb-blasts. 
a contact between There has been a lot of contacts between the two suspects. 
a cure  for The doctor will determine the cure for this illness. 
a demand for ( something ) The firm closed down because there wasn't enough demand for its product. 
a difference between We can hardly find the differences between these beautiful twins. 
admiration for Admiration for culture's richness has made these tourists come to our country. 
a key to ( a door ) Can you find the key to our door? 
a lack  of A lack of life skill is the main source of the people's poverty. 
a link with These recent uprisings have a link with the president election.  
an access to We have to get another access to this burning building. 
an advantage / a disadvantage of ( something ) The advantage of having a lot of money is that you can do more to help poor people. 
an alternative to Gas Energy has been chosen as an alternative to Kerosene. 
an answer to I can't tell you the answer to her questions right now. 
an association with This film has been made in an association with The Indonesian Embassy for USA. 
an atittude  to / towards ( someone / something ) His attitude to / towards his new neighborhood is very positive. 
an authority on Who has a full authority on this area? 
a need for A need for food can change somebody's good personality into the bad one. 
an invitation to ( a party / a wedding etc ) The man didn't get an invitation to the party. That's why the guard didn't let him in. 
a photograph / a picture of ( something ) I always keep a photograph of my wife in my wallet. 
a reaction  to ( something ) I was surpised at her reaction to my smile. 
a reason  for ( something ) The plane was late but nobody knew the reason for the delay. 
a relationship with ( Someone / something ) Do you have a good relationship with your children? 
a relationship between The relationship between the two countries has improved recently. 
a reply to ( a letter ) We'll send you a reply to your application letter next Monday. 
a rise / an increase / a fall / a decrease in ( something ) There has been an increase in road accidents since more people have a motorcycle. 
a solution  to ( a problem ) I'm sure we'll find a solution to this problem. 
contact with ( someone / something ) Don't make any contact with those kidnappers. The police have already found their hiding place. 
damage to ( something ) The accident was her fault, so she paid for the damage to the other motorcycle. 
matter with What's the matter with these people? They kill people without mercy. 
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