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Direct Indirect Speech Exercises : told or said  ? 

  1. Jill told me she was happy with her new boyfriend.
  2. The doctor said that I had to avoid alcohol.
  3. Don said she was a very nice girl.
  4. Jane told her husband she didn't like their new neighbors.
  5. Jack said he wanted to go to Dublin.

Changing Direct Into Indirect Speech Exercises 

  1. He said,"I am glad to be here."
  2. She said,"I may not come back early this evening."
  3. Tom told me,"I didn't like Rachel."
  4. George said,"I'll get the phone."
  5. Sue told me," I saw Peggy in the party."
  1. He said he was glad to be here.
  2. She said she might not come back early this evening.
  3. Tom told me she didn't like Rachel. ( Tom told me she hadn't liked Rachel.)
  4. George said he would get the phone.
  5. Sue told me she saw Peggy in the party. ( Sue told me she had seen Peggy in the Party.)

Order and Request Indirect Speech Exercise

  1. The doctor said,"Eat more fruit and vegetables."  The doctor told me to eat more fruit and vegetables.
  2. He said to me,"Clean the glass properly." He told me to clean the glass properly.
  3. Father said,"Close the door slowly." Father asked me to close the door slowly.
  4. I said to him,"Don't come late." I asked him not to come late.
  5. Bill said,"Can you open the gate?" Bill asked me to open the gate.