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Above all Mainly, especially He is good at all subjects at school, above all, in Literature. 
All at once suddenly  
All day long The entire day, continuously through the day  
All of a sudden Suddenly All of a sudden a creature appeared at the back door of the bungalow. 
All right Satisfactory, correct  
All the same  Regardless of what has been said;also, to be equal, the same, to make no difference  
As a matter of fact In fact, really  
As to  concerning, with reference to  
As usual As always, customarily  
As yet  Up to the present time   
At all ( usually with not ) To any degree, in the least  I don't have any money at all right now. 
At first Originally, in the first instance  
At last Finally  
At least A minimum of  You have to walk at least for two hours a day. 
At once  Immediately, very soon, right away  
At times Sometimes, occasionally At times my mother feels better but then she becomes weak again. 
By heart By memory We must learn the poem by heart. 
By oneself Alone  
By the way  Incidentally  
Day in, day out day after day  Daily , continuosly  
Every so often Occasionally, every now and then  
For good Permanently, forever Sue has returned to Boston for good. 
For the time being For the present, temporarily For the time being we are living with our parents. Next year, we are going to move to our new house. 
Had better It is advisable to, it would be better to. Most often used in contracted form such as I'd better, you 'd better, she'd better, he'd better, we'd better, they 'd better.   
In a hurry Hurried, in a rush I'm in a hurry to catch the bus. I don't want to miss it. 
In the long run Finally, after a long period of time In the long run, your friend can be your best partner. 
In time within or sometime before an appointed time or a deadline  
In vain useless, without result  
Little by little Gradually, by degrees, slowly  
Never mind  Do not mind, do not bother or pay any attention  
No matter  Regadless of  
Now and then occasionally  
Off and on Irregularly, ocassionally They go off and see their parents. 
Once in a while  occasionally, now and then  
On purpose  Purposely, intentionally  
On time Exactly at or before an appointed time  
Out of date  No longer available, current, or in use   
Out of order Not in working condition Most of the public phone in this town are out of order. Nobody maintains them. 
Over and over  Repeatedly  
Quite a few  many  
Right away Immediately, at once, very soon  
Right here, Right there, Right now etc Exactly here, exactly there, immediately  
So far Up to the present time So far he has treated me well. 
Something the matter nothing the matter  Something wrong nothing wrong  
Tired out  Extremely tired  
To be about to To be on the point of, ready  
To be becoming To suit, favor in appearance The dress is very becoming to you. 
To be better off  To be in a better condition or situation   
To be bound for somewhere To be going in a certain direction  
To be bound to Be certain to, sure to  
To be bound to Be certain to, sure to  
To become of To happen to (of someone or something missing ) What has become of my Samsung Galaxy? It's gone. 
To be in charge of To manage be responsible for  
To be in the way  Blocking or obstructing, thus causing inconvenience  
To be named after: To be given at birth the same name as another  
To be out of the question To be imposible  
To be over To be finished, to be ended  
To be up To be ended ( of a time )  
To be up to someone  To depend on the decision of someone It's up to you whether we buy this house. 
To be used to To be accustomed to  
To be well off  To be rich, well to do  
To blow out: To explode, go flat said generally of tires   
To blow up To destroy by Explosion, to explode  
To break down To stop functioning said generally of motors and similar mechanical objects  
To break in To adjust through usage of something which is new and stiff, To train a new employee 1.Just try to break in a new car slowly by driving carefully. 2. After our office boy is broken in, everything will be alright. 
To break out  To occur suddenly  
To bring up: To rear, raise from childhood;also to present for attention or consideration  
To burn down  To burn to the ground  
To burn out  To stop functioning, become useless said of electrical equipment  
To burn up To burn completely  
To call down To reprimand, scold  
To call for To come to an office, home etc, in order to get someone or something  I'm going to call for my girlfriend at her house tomorrow morning. 
To call off  To cancel The football match was called off due to security reasons. 
To call on To visit  
To call up To telephone Please call up the police when you see the wanted man! 
To catch cold To become sick with a cold Don't go out in the rain! Otherwise, you'll catch cold. 
To catch fire To begin to burn Nobody knew how the market caught the fire. 
To change one's mind To alter one's decision or opinion I have changed my mind. I don't like you anymore. 
To come from To originate in ( to refer to one's home district )  
To come to To revive, to regain consciousness My wife finally came to after she had fainted for two hours. 
To come to To revive, to regain consciousness My wife finally came to after she had fainted for two hours. 
To come true To prove to be true or correct  
To count on To depend upon Don't count on him to do this job. He isn't reliable. 
To cross out To cancel ( often by marking with crosses ) I finally crossed out the most important line of my love letter. 
To cross out To cancel ( often by marking with crosses ) I finally crossed out the most important line of my love letter. 
To cut off  To remove by cutting the ends also to terminate abruptly  
To cut off Tear off break off bite off chew off,etc.  
To cut out  A. to remove by cutting; b. to stop doing something  
To cut up  To break up to chop up to chew up, etc.  
To do over To repeat  
To do without To get along without, to forego  
To drive up to / to go up to / to walk up to / to run up to: To approach  
To fall in love To begin to love  
To feel like To have the desire to I feel like going out tonight. How about you? 
To feel sorry for To pity, feel compassion for  
To figure out  To calculate, To study carefully in order To understand  
To fill out  To complete said of blanks, etc   
To find fault with To criticize Don't find fault with others. 
To find out To get information, discover, learn  
To get along To do, succeed, make progress   
To get along with  To live or work harmoniously with  
To get back To return My husband got back from Copenhagen last night. 
To get better, worse, etc To become better, worse etc  
To get in touch with To communicate with  
To get lost; To lose one's direction become lost  
To get off To leave , to descend from I got off the bus and ran to school. 
To get on To enter or to board Dai always gets on the bus at the station. 
To get over To recover from I can't get over the loss of my beloved wife. I cry and I cry and I cry. 
To get rid of To become free of, to escape from Those salesman are not easy to get rid of. 
To get sick, well, tired, wet, busy, etc To become sick, well, tired, wet, busy , etc  
To get through  To finish  
To get to To arrive at a place, home, work, etc. I couldn't get to the office on time because I had an accident. 
To get up  To arise, To move from a lying, To a standing position  
To get used to  To become used or adjusted to  
To give up To surrender, to renounce One of our competitor gave up after attacking us wildly. 
To go around Be sufficient for everyone  
To go around Be sufficient for everyone  
To go off A. to explode; b. To leave suddenly  
To go on  To continue, proceed  
To go out  To leave also to cease burning  
To go up in smoke To come to no practical result My effort to get the highest score in the final exam went up in smoke when I found out that I couldn't answer more than ten out of forty questions. 
To go with To go out together, to keep company with ( have dates)  
To go with  To match, harmonize in color or desiqn  
To grow out of To outgrow , become too large and mature for  
To hand in: To submit or deliver something which is due  
To hang up To place upon a hook or coat hanger, to replace the telephone in its cradle Don't hang up the phone! I can give you an explanation! 
To have a good time To enjoy oneself, pass a period of time pleasantly  
To have charge of, take charge of To have or to take management of, to have or take responsibility for, attend to   
To have got:  To have, to possess  
To have got to do something : To have to do something,must See note above on use of got with have  
To have on To be wearing He was robbed by the gang and had just shorts on. 
To have one's way to get one's own way  To do or obtain what one wishes, especially against opposition or contrary  
To have time off, to take time off To have free time, not to have to work We have to work for six days a week and have Sundays off. 
To hear from To receive news from I haven't heard from my wife since she left for Arab two years ago. 
To hear of To know about, to hear mention of Have you ever heard of John Lennon? 
To hold good: To remain valid or in force, continue to be good  
To hold on  To grasp , hold tightly to something also, to pause  
To hold still To remain quiet with moving   
To hold still To remain quiet with moving   
To hold up  A to rob at the point of a gun; b. to delay  
To keep an eye on  To watch, guard   
To keep house  To do the usual work of running a home cooking cleaning, etc  
To keep in mind to bear in mind Not to forget remember  
To keep in touch with To continue in communication with; see also to get in touch with, lesson 9, No. 4  
To keep on To continue We have to keep on walking until we reach the nearest village. 
To keep out, off, away from, etc To stay out, off, away from "Keep off the grass" 
To keep track of To keep or maintain a record of  
To keep up with  To maintain the same speed as  
To know by sight To recognize as a result of having seen someone previously  
To leave out To omit Please leave my name out of your list. 
To let go of  To release  
To lie down To recline, to take a lying position  
To look after To watch, to take care of I'll have to look after the house while my parents are away. 
To look at To direct the eyes toward, to watch  
To look for To search for, to seek  
To look forward to To expect, anticipate, usually pleasurably  
To look into To investigate, to examine carefully The police are looking into his death. 
To look out To be careful or cautious Look out for the motorcycle turning in your direction. 
To look over To examine After looking over my application letter, I sent it to the Company. 
To look up To search for a word, a price, etc especially in a dictionary Please don't look up your dictionary before you guess the meaning from its context. 
To look up To search for a word, a price, etc especially in a dictionary Please don't look up your dictionary before you guess the meaning from its context. 
To make clear To explain, to clarify After making everything clear, I can take her out again. 
To make friends To win or gain friends He can make friends with everyone very easily. He is friendly. 
To make fun of To laugh at, joke about  
To make good  To succeed  
To make good time To travel rapidly at good speed  
To make no difference  To be of equal importance  
To make sure To be sure, become sure or certain of  
To make the best of  To accept a bad situation cheer fully and to do the best that one can under the circum stances  
To make up one's mind To decide Please make up your mind! You want to go with us or not. 
To mix up, To be mixed up, to get mixed up To confuse, to be confused, to become confused We got mixed up in our directions, took the wrong turning and lost. 
To pay attention  To give attention To, place importance upon  
To pick out To choose, to select  
To pick up  To take especially with the fingers  
To play tricks on / To play jokes on To make someone the victim of a trick or a joke They tried to play tricks on the Minister but he was too clever for them. 
To point out To indicate  
To put away To set aside, to return something to its proper place Put your books away. It's time for dinner. 
To put off To postpone  
To put on To place on oneself ( clothes ) My girlfriend often puts on too much make up on her face. 
To put out To extinguish Please put out your cigarette here before you enter the room.  
To put together: To assemble  
To put up  To construct erect  
To put up with To tolerate  
To run away To leave without notice or permission  
To run errands To act as an errand boy , go to a store to buy thing  
To run out of To exhaust the supply of We ran out of gas in the middle of the jungle. 
To run over  To strike or pass over with a moving vehicle   
To see about To attend to, to take care of They are going to see about our accommodation. 
To see someone off To go to a plane, a ship, a train in order to say good-bye to someone) I was so sad to see my boyfriend off at the airport. 
To set fire to / to set on fire To start burning That crazy man set fire to his own bed. 
To shake hands To exchange greetings with a clasp of the hands We introduced each other and shook hands. 
To show off To display to excess one's ability or poses sions   
To shut off To stop something which runs, such as water , gas electrical current, etc. similar to turn off   
To shut up To close also to be quiet, stop talking   
To sit down  To take a sitting position after standing  
To stand to reason  To be clear and logocal  
To stand up To rise, to take an upright or standing position after being seated  
To take advantage of To use an opportunity, also to impose upon or to profit at the expense of another person   
To take after  To resemble a parent or close relative  
To take a look at To look at When I took a look at her, she smiled at me beautifully. 
To take apart: To separate the different parts of an object or mechanism  
To take a seat To sit down Come in and take a seat! 
To take a walk To go for a walk, to promenade Let's take a walk. It's a nice day. 
To take believe To pretend  
To take care of  To watch, give attention to  
To take charge of To assume direction or responsibility for; see also to be in charge of, lesson   
To take hold of To grasp  
To take into account To take into consideration We are going to take into account your proposal for two days. 
To take off To remove ( clothes ) She took off her coat because it's too hot in the room. 
To take one's time  To work or go leisurely, to avoid hurrying  
To take out To remove, extract The man took out a gun and shot wildly. 
To take part To participate Many people are not willing to take part in the General Election. 
To take pity on  To pity My son always takes pity on beggar he sees and he always gives them some money. 
To take place To happen, to occur The football match took place in Barcelona. 
To take someone by surprise: To surprise, come as unexpected  
To take someone for  To mistake a person for someone else  
To take something for granted To accept as true with out investigation  
To take something up with To consult generally with  
To take turn To alternate  
To take up To study , begin a course leading to a career  
To talk over  To discuss, to consider  
To tear down To demolish  
To tear up To tear completely into small pieces, to cancel  
To tell time To be able to know the hour by looking at a watch or clock. My four year old son can tell time. 
To tell two things or two persons apart to tell one from the other To distinguish between  
To think of To have an opinion about What did you think of the way he played football? 
To think over To consider carefully before making decision Let me think over your offer. I'll give you a call tomorrow. 
To think up : To invent, discover, find  
To throw away  To discard  
To try on To test, to try before buying clothes Try these shoes on before you buy them. 
To try out  To test, use during a trial period  
To turn around  To make a complete turn in order to face in the opposite direction  
To turn down To reduce in speed or volume, to reject 1. Turn down the cd player. It is too loud. 2. She's turned down my offer many times. 
To turn off To stop, to terminate  
To turn on To start She opened the door and turned on the light. 
To turn out To become or result, to eject He turned out to be the best artist in our country. 
To wait for To expect  
To wait on/upon To serve, to attend to-in a store or a shop The shop assistant waited on me nicely. 
To wake up To awaken  
To watch out for To look out for, guard against  
To wear out To become shabby and useless from wear   
Up to date  Timely , modern, brought up to the present time   
Used to  indicates an action or habit which continued for some period of time in the past but eventually ended  
Would rather  To prefer to  
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