Exercise I

 Your Friend SaysYou Say
  1. I can't drive a car. (either )
  2. I didn't enjoy the film much. (neither)
  3. I've never been to Nice. (neither)
  4. I don't like dancing. (either)
  5. I won't reveal it. ( neither )
  1. I can't either.
  2. Neither did I.
  3. Neither have I.
  4. I don't either.
  5. Neither will I.

 Exercise II

Change the following alternatives using neither ...nor or either ...or!
  1. Neither George nor Jack will see me anymore.
  2. Either Jane or Sally is coming to you.
  3. Neither Brian nor Sue has/have come back.
  4. Neither Brad nor Angel came here last night.
  5. Neither Ben nor Joe was here.