Definite Article II Exercise Key

  1. The monetary crisis impact is still felt by the poor  now. They cannot afford what they need.
  2. Many people were killed by the tsunami, the bodies of the dead were found all over the town. So, they were buried in the same hole.
  3. The hatred against the rich begins to grow as the people suspect them of corruptions.
  4. The blind can use Braille system to read and write.
  5. As a nurse, Ann, spends most of her time looking after the sick.

  1. England  the English
  2. Britain  the British
  3. Wales  the Welsch
  4. Russia  the Russians
  5. Scotland the Scots
  6. Spain the Spaniards
  7. France the French
  8. Japan the Janapanese
  9. Germany  the Germans
  10. China the Chinese
  11. Arab the Arabs
  12. Switzerland the Swiss
  13. America ( US ) the Americans
  14. the Netherlands  the Dutch
  15. Indonesia  the Indonesian