Conditional Sentences Type II

Conditional Sentences Type II Explanation


Conditional sentences type II have the following pattern : 
 Sub Clause
( If Clause /Conditional Clause)
 Main Clause
 If + Past Simple Tense
If + Subject + Verb II 
or If + Subject + were + adjective/noun/preposition + place
 Past Future 
 Subject + would + Verb I

Expressing Imagined Situation

Conditional Sentences type II is used to express imagined situation, not used to express possibility. Although the form is past, the meaning is not past. It is present imagination. Let's see the following examples :
  1. If I won a million dollars, I would give it all to you. And I will start dreaming of having more dollars again for myself. He he he.
  2. I wouldn't  be frightened if I saw a beautiful ghost.
  3. If I were a bird, I would fly over The Mount Krakatoa.
  4. I would not leave her if I were you.

Conditional Sentences Type II Exercise

In this exercise you have to choose  the correct verb!

  1. If she offered me the job, I (take, took, would take) it.
  2. I'm sure she would understand if you ( explain, explained, would explain ) the situation to her.
  3. If someone ( break, broke, would break ) into my house, I would use this gun.
  4. If you sold your house, you ( regret, regretted, would regret ) it.
  5. If I ( am, were, would be) rich, I would buy you a beautiful house.

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