At, In, On

At After Times

We use at with times. Let's see the following examples.
  • at 6 o'clock
  • at 10.30
  • at midnight
  • at lunchtime

Expressions After At

The following expressions is usually preceded by at. See the followings.
  • at night
  • at the week-end
  • at week-ends
  • at Christmas
  • at Idul Fitri
  • at the moment
  • at present
  • at the same time
  • at the age of ....

On Before Dates And Days

We use on before dates and days. Let's see the following examples.
  • on Sunday
  • on 13 September
  • on Lebaran Day
  • on Monday mornings
  • on Saturday evenings
  • on Saturday nights

In Before Months, Years, Seasons

We use in before months, years, seasons. Let's see the following examples.
  • in May
  • in 1960
  • in (the) winter
  • in ( the )15th century
  • in the 1960s
  • in the Middle Ages

We do not use at / on / in before last and next:

  • I'II see you next Friday.
  • They got married last March.

In Followed By  A Period of Time In The Future

  • The train will be leaving in a few minutes. (= a few minutes from now)
  • They are getting married in two months' time.


Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions : at, in, on.
  1. The Dutch came to Indonesia ... 1596.
  2. Please, don't speak ... the same time. I can't catch what you're saying.
  3. We can see the stars ... night.
  4. He died ... the age of six.
  5. I was born ... Wednesday.
  6. They'll be back ... September.
  7. Can you call me back later on. I'm very busy ... the moment.
  8. The show begins ... 7 o'clock this evening.
  9. Hurry up. We've got to go ... ten minutes.
  10. I've been invited to her birthday party ... 15 September.

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