Exercise I

  1. It was very difficult to ride this motorcycle.
  2. It is safe to drink this water.
  3. It is difficult to explain some grammatical rules.
  4. It is difficult to find a good government employee in this country.
  5. It is not easy to abolish corruption.

  1. This motorcycle is very difficult to ride.
  2. This water is safe to drink.
  3. Some grammatical rules are difficult to explain.
  4. A good government employee is difficult to find in this country.
  5. Corruption is not easy to abolish.

Exercise II

  1. You make the same mistake. ( careless )
  2. Jane gave me a birthday present. ( nice )
  3. He makes a phone call while he drives. ( careless )
  4. I told her I had another girl. ( stupid )

  1. It is careless of you to make the same mistake.
  2. It was nice of Jane to give me a birthday present.
  3. It is careless of him to make a phone call while he drives.
  4. It was stupid of me to tell her I had another girl.

Exercise III

  1. Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. Nobody walked on the moon before.
  2. He reigned the kingdom. Nobody reigned the kingdom anymore.
  3. He saw the lost boy. Nobody saw the boy anymore.

  1. Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon.
  2. He was the last person/king to reign the kingdom.
  3. He was the last person to see the boy.