Adjective + Preposition

Adjective + Preposition Explanation

At the bottom of this page, we provide you with the most frequently used adjectives + preposition just for your reference, if possible, study the list and try to use it in your daily conversation or writing.  The list consists of three columns by which you can sort either ascending or descending.

Adjective + Preposition Exercise I

In this exercise, you have to complete the sentences with the correct preposition.
  1. My friends and I often go to a Chinese restaurant. We are keen ..... Chinese food.
  2. Bob is very fond ............ sports. He can do most of the sports well.
  3. This restaurant is well-known all over the city. That's why it's always crowded ..............the customers.
  4. Her eyes was full ..........tears when her husband died in the war.
  5. Nobody feels sorry .......... him. All his problems are totally his own fault.
  6. Small kids are very honest. They aren't capable ......... telling lies.
  7. Have you found someone interested ...... buying this old house.
  8. All citizens are responsible ....... maintaining law and order in our country.
  9. Italy is famous ..........its pasta.
  10. European food is totally different  ......... Asian food.

Grammar Books

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afraid / frightened / scared / terrified  of ( something ) The boy was terrified of that ugly creature. 
amazed / astonished / shocked / surprised at / by ( something ) Her parents were shocked by her disappearing. 
angry about ( something ) The teacher's angry about his laziness. 
angry with ( someone ) (for doing something) She's angry with me for not coming last Saturday night. 
annoyed with ( someone ) ( for doing something ) I'm annoyed with her rude father. 
annoyed about ( something ) Don't be annoyed about his behavior. 
ashamed / proud of ( someone / something ) She never looks ashamed of what she does. 
aware / conscious  of ( something ) I was not aware of the danger so I just took the time. 
bored with ( something ) I'm bored with the way the Minister talks. 
capable / incapable of ( something ) The boy is capable of running as fast as the dog. 
clever / generous / good / (im)polite / intelligent / kind / mean / nice / rude / silly / stupid / unreasonable of ( someone ) ( to do something ) I really appreciate it. It was very nice of you to help me. 
crowded with ( people, things, etc ) The bus is crowded with too many passengers. 
cruel / (un) friendly / generous / good / kind / mean / nice / (im) polite / rude / (un) pleasant to ( someone ) She's very kind to everyone. 
delighted with ( something ) They are delighted with the new governor's promises. 
different from ( something / someone ) His personality is totally different from that of his father. 
disappointed  with ( something ) The government was disappointed with the result of the national examination. 
envious / jealous / suspicious of ( someone / something ) Don't be jealous of him. He's my brother. 
excited / upset / worried about ( something ) My mother is worried about the regular flood in our city. 
famous for ( something ) Paris is famous for its Eiffel Tower. 
fed up with I'm fed up with answering his stupid questions every day.  
fond of ( someone / something ) John is fond of sports. He can play football, volley ball, tennis,and many others. 
full of ( something ) Her room is full of garbage. 
furious about ( something ) All of the people are furious about the president's corruption. 
furious with ( someone ) ( for doing something ) The people were furious with their former president for corruption. 
good / bad / excellent / brilliant / hopeless  at ( doing ) ( something ) She's very good at cooking. 
impressed by / with Everybody was impressed by the new band's performance. 
interested in ( something ) She's interested in Music. 
keen on ( something ) My father is never keen on riding a motorcycle. He prefers walking. 
married / engaged to ( someone ) The woman I love is married to a detective. 
pleased with ( something ) The coach was pleased with the team's performance in the last football match. 
popular with Brazil is very popular with its football. 
responsible for ( something ) Nobody's responsible for that mess. 
satisfied with ( something ) the result of the last national sports week. 
short of ( something ) For the last couple of years I have been short of money. 
similar to ( something ) Your house is similar to mine. It is by the sea. 
sorry  for ( someone ) I'm sorry for him. He has lost his beloved wife. 
sorry about ( something ) I'm sorry about our absence to your party. We had an accident. 
tired of ( something ) His girlfriend is tired of waiting. Finally, she's decided to marry another man. 
Showing 38 items