Grammar Exercises

Grammar Exercises. Grammar Exercises is a site mainly designed  for student of English who want to improve their language skills specially Grammar. In addition to that, It  can be used as a reference of English Grammar for those of you who want to review their English production skills ( speaking and writing ). 

Grammar actually is not a part of language skills. Grammar is part of language component. As a part of language component, grammar comprises rules of the language itself. This rule needs not only to be learned but also needs to be practiced. After we learn all the rules of the language, you will not automatically be able to produce correct language grammatically in your communication activities, such as speaking or writing. To be able to properly produce grammatical English, you need regular exercises so that your instinct will really be trained to produce it spontaneously.  

To provide you with regular grammar exercises,we create Grammar Exercises. Grammar Exercises will present complete grammatical rules in the following forms : 
  • Grammar Short Explanation
  • Grammar Exercises
  • Key
Besides, we also provide you with some information which have just to be memorized such as irregular verbs and adjective + prepositions.

Grammar Books

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